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Tips that can help residents address electricity shortage

KUWAIT: According to a research paper in 2020, it has been found that residential buildings in Kuwait consume about 60 percent of the country’s national electrical power, which is considerably greater than all other sectors or building types. This puts a responsibility on every individual to be more mindful in handling their daily home interactions with electricity. Below are some tips that can help citizens and residents address the current electricity shortage in the country.

Air conditioners

Set the air conditioning temperature between 23°C and 25°C and ensure all doors and windows in the room are closed to reduce heat loss. Additionally, using insulators, curtains, or heat-reflecting glass can help minimize external heat transfer, thereby enhancing efficiency of AC.

Washing machine

Use the washing and drying machine during off peak hours such as nighttime, preferably at low heat (30°C maximum), to consume less energy in water heating.


Frequently opening and closing the fridge door allows the leakage of warm air inside, hence adding extra pressure to the compressor. This means the fridge and freezer will need to use more energy to bring the fridge back to its desired temperature.


Rely on natural lighting during the day by opening the curtains’ windows to reduce the use of artificial lighting. In the evening, avoid relying solely on ceiling lights and use directed lighting such as lamps, which use less electricity thanks to their low wattage.

Electrical appliances

Disconnect non-essential electrical or electronic devices, such as the TV, microwave, and electric kettle before leaving the house or when unneeded. Ensure to unplug mobile phones and batteries as soon as charging is complete. While devices connected to the plug consume small amounts of energy, over time, this accumulated consumption significantly impacts total energy usage.


Fill the dishwasher completely before turning it on to reduce the frequency of use and thereby lower energy consumption.

Electric kettle

Replace the electric kettle with a traditional whistling kettle, as electric kettles are among the most energy-consuming appliances.

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