Stray and abandoned cats are seen near the Scientific Center. - Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat
Stray and abandoned cats are seen near the Scientific Center. - Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Paws for thought

Animal activist launches campaign to combat cat abandonment

Animal activist Fares Khaled has initiated an awareness campaign aimed at educating individuals who abandon their cats on the streets, with a particular focus on those near the Scientific Center. Khaled told Kuwait Times that the street is an unsafe place for domestic animals, as they are accustomed to a specific lifestyle that drastically changes when they are left to fend for themselves. “Abandoned cats always die, as this sudden shift often leads to dire consequences because the cats are unable to adapt to the harsh conditions of street life,” he said.

Khaled’s campaign highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership and the dangers of abandoning domestic animals. He launched the campaign after witnessing large numbers of cats being thrown onto the streets and dying within a few days due to their lack of skills to hunt for food, adapt to harsh weather, or avoid getting hit by cars.

“Especially at the Scientific Center, people think that it is the best place to abandon their cats because they see people feeding the cats there. The owners assume their cats will live in a good environment like they are used to at home, but that is a wrong assumption. Domestic cats never adapt and usually die from hunger,” Khaled pointed out.

During his campaign, many people adopted cats, while others took several cats for treatment. “I will keep raising awareness, and I have a bigger plan to achieve my goal of preventing cat owners from abandoning their pets. I aim to advance a greater understanding of domestic animals’ needs, encouraging humane treatment and responsible care,” Khaled added.

“Some companies provided food for the campaign, while people supported it with food, moral support and spreading the word. The challenge I faced was with the permits, where my goal was to vaccinate cats against rabies, but unfortunately, we did not get the needed permit,” Khaled said regarding the campaign.

“We will continue our awareness campaigns because animals, much like us, are living creatures that experience emotions and sensations. They deserve compassion and respect, and it is our responsibility to ensure their well-being,” he added. He called on people to check with animal activists and social media accounts to adopt pets, as many are waiting for a home. “I hope people stop throwing their pets away; instead, they can put them up for adoption. You are harming a soul. Cut it short and find a new home for them,” he concluded.

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