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Chest hospital trains medics for rare operations

KUWAIT: The head of the cardiology department at the chest hospital, Dr Abdullah Al-Enezi, said the hospital is the first training center for carrying out the implantation of the aortic valve by catheterization in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. Al-Enezi said in a press statement that the valves team at the chest hospital completed the first training programs for doctors as part of the series of training programs to train the catheterization doctors in the MENA and Eastern Europe regions.

The training includes how to build an integrated program to treat heart valve diseases through catheterization and how to select the suitable valve for each patient. There is also training on reading the CT scan image of the aortic valve to prepare for the procedure. Head of the Catheterization Unit at the hospital, Dr Khalid Al-Merri, said the program also includes the use of ultrasound for catheterization implantation in the blood vessels and how to deal with possible complications in such operations.

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