Photos show medics at the Urology Unit at Jaber Al-Ahmad Armed Forces Hospital.
Photos show medics at the Urology Unit at Jaber Al-Ahmad Armed Forces Hospital.

Urology Unit using modern technology for prostate cancer

KUWAIT: The head of Urology Unit at Jaber Al-Ahmad Armed Forces Hospital Dr Mohammad Al-Ghanim said the Urology surgery department has been using a new technique to diagnose prostate cancer with more accuracy - using the fusion of MRI image of the prostate with the ultrasound image in order to take samples and biopsy. This process leads to the reduction of getting urinary tract infections.

He said the modern technique at Jaber Armed Forces hospital is considered the most advanced in the world currently, adding that it is characterized with diagnoses accuracy. It helps the doctor in determining the type of tumor and treatment program. He said prostate tumor grows gradually, but in some patients, it could be aggressive.

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The causes of this type of cancer are not clear, and genetics has a role in its occurrence as the rate increases in first degree relatives, advanced age as well as the geographic distribution. It is more widespread in the US, Africa and Europe than in Asia and the Middle East. Al-Ghanim asked men over 50 to carry out necessary prostate tests periodically.

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