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Anti-smoking clinic assists smokers and creates awareness

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Society for Smoking and Cancer Prevention (KSSCP) announced the opening of an anti-smoking clinic at the Life Science College of Sabah Al-Salem University City on the occasion of World No Smoking Day. KSSCP board member and treasurer, Dr Hussa Majid Al-Shaheen, in her opening speech, lauded the efforts of the university in completing the clinic. Dr Al-Shaheen spoke about the dangerous harms smoking (of all types) causes, be they physical or psychological, in addition to the social harms. She said the clinic has been successful in assisting smokers and those who want to quit smoking.

“The clinic creates an opportunity for those who wish to stop this harmful habit, as youths are the target of the tobacco mafia around the world. The fierce marketing campaign to promote smoking among the young generations through the launch of e-smoking devices and promoting them as means to stop smoking calls for concern because the opposite is true and they are not good for the body,” she added.

University Deputy Rector for Planning Asaad Al-Rashid said the opening of the first specialized clinic is the first initiative of this kind at Kuwait University. He appreciated the efforts of all concerned parties to open the clinic on the university campus. This will create awareness about the dangers of smoking. Head of the Health Cities at the Ministry of Health, Dr Amal Al-Yahya, said the opening will prevent smoking in the university city, adding that Sabah Al-Salem University City was approved as a healthy university.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of KSSCP, Dr Khalid Al-Saleh, said that treatment of addiction is among the most important strategies of smoking control programs. “Many smokers find it difficult to stop by themselves. They will benefit from the services that are available at the smoking prevention clinics. The goal is to help smokers who wish to stop, create awareness about the dangers of smoking, and dispense medicines that help stop smoking,” he explained.

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