Special Olympics participants
Special Olympics participants

Seminar on what do you know about the Special Olympics

KUWAIT: National Director of Kuwait Special Olympics Rihab Buresli pointed to the importance of working along with all sectors of the society to achieve the concept of the disabled inclusion in practice. Buresli spoke during a seminar and operations management club at the college of business administration, in a lecture titled (what do you know about the Special Olympics).

Buresli started by presenting the efforts of the State of Kuwait since the 50s of last century to care for the disabled, and the developments of those efforts reaching law 8/2010 regarding the rights of the disabled, and this law exceeds the goals of the international treaty on the right of the disabled.

She also spoke about the international organizations related to sports of the disabled including the International Special Olympics which is considered the most important international organization concerned with the mentally disabled established in the United States in 1968 by sister of US President John Kennedy Eunice, which Kuwait joined in 1986, and reactivated in 2018 after approval by the Special Olympics MENA.

Rihab Buresli
Rihab Buresli

The lecture enjoyed and outstanding turnout by Kuwait University students and was interactive through the questions about the topics that were presented and prizes were given to the top five places of the correct answers.

A documentary titled (Tomooh story) that showed the role of Special Olympics in caring for player Mariam Theyab and her successful march in representing the sport of the disabled as an official spokeswoman of the MENA region for five years.

The seminar witnessed the honoring of Special Olympics champions of all games. Bureseli thanked Kuwait University and Dr Al-Dashti of the College of Business Administration for giving the opportunity to include the disabled with the college students, and she lauded the top organization of the event.

Meanwhile, Dr Ali Dashti was pleased with the turnout and the presentation to introduce the Kuwait Special Olympics and its role in promoting the mentally disabled inclusion in the society through the development of their sports abilities. He said this event is just a start in this field and hoped just that it be held in all Kuwait University colleges.

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