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Hotline to report citizenship fraud as 26 revoked

KUWAIT: The interior ministry has announced a dedicated hotline for citizens to report information about cases of dual citizenship and citizenship forgery. It urged citizens to report any information they have on 97287676, assuring that all calls will be handled in complete confidentiality.

The ministry clarified in a statement on Saturday that the decision to allocate the hotline is in line with the law that stipulates every person is required to report any crime they are aware of. The ministry is fully committed to adhering to the law and constitution in all decisions that it makes, it added.

Meanwhile, decrees and decisions were issued to withdraw Kuwaiti citizenship from 26 people after it was found they had obtained them through forgery and fraud. Six of the citizenships were revoked through decrees, while the other 20 were withdrawn as per the Cabinet’s decisions.

The decrees were based on the citizenship law, which stipulates “the withdrawal of nationality if it was granted by fraud or based on false statements”, and “the withdrawal of nationality if a person is convicted within 15 years of granting Kuwaiti nationality for a crime involving moral turpitude and dishonesty.” They were also based on article 21, which stipulates that “any person who makes incorrect statements to the administrative authorities to achieve nationality shall be punished”.

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