Who decides the endgame?
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By Dalal Behbehani

If there was one unifying issue that the entire Arab civil society would unequivocally converge on, it is, without a doubt, the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Today, Palestine has become the avatar for human liberation. A colonial settler project that started with ethnic cleansing and genocide 75 years ago, today the Zionist entity having been granted “no red lines” is committing a genocide that we are witnessing live on the screens of our phones.

It has become clear to 500+ million citizens of Arab countries that there is a significant gap between feelings of outrage and necessary political, legal and even economic actions that can be taken by our governments. As a Kuwaiti, I am both proud and relieved in my ability to voice my outrage, as well as acknowledge that the government of my country has reiterated since the beginning of the Aqsa Flood operation its position of being at war with the Zionist entity.

Alongside scenes of death and carnage in Gaza, our social media feeds are dispersed, even more intensely lately, with clips of Arab politicians and diplomats not just discussing, but insisting, on a two-state “solution”. Take a moment and consider this: During the Holocaust, would the Jews sit with Nazis and negotiate a solution that is “safe for all”? Even more importantly, the Arabs should not be pontificating about the political destination of Palestine without the Palestinians.

Have we not learned? The two-state solution that is currently being brokered by the US is in fact one dominant state and another Palestinian non-contiguous state cantonized, demilitarized, dominated and absent of sovereignty. Palestinians understand that, so we shouldn’t claim to be supporting in good faith the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

To be clear, this proposal translates to a one state and a Bantustan solution. This “solution” does not offer the Palestinian people their inalienable rights under international law. If we insist on using international law as a frame of reference, then we should insist on the following: (1) Enact an immediate ceasefire; (2) lift the inhumane Gaza blockade of 19 years; (3) end the illegal occupation of 57 years; (4) stop the illegal settlements that usurp land and most water resources. Then, and only then, a discussion that centers Palestinians and Palestinian voices can be discussed and a political solution supported to ensure a durable and lasting peace.

Real talk though? Those who do support a two-state solution, do not acknowledge the facts on the ground. Out of ignorance, racism or to advance an alternative agenda, it’s not clear why some act as Zionist mouthpieces, but none of those are a good look. Those who do support a two-state solution, the essence of the Peel Commission of 1937, also do not see anything wrong with a colonial settler project.

A true solution cannot entertain racist ideologies. Today, in 2024, the two-state “solution” should be relegated to the circus. Talking about it makes us look like clowns. So please, don’t.

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