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Arson behind Mina Abdullah fire: KFF

KUWAIT: An arsonist caused the fire that gutted abandoned fiber-glass boats at the auto impounding garage in Mina Abdullah, Kuwait Fire Force announced on Monday. The KFF said in a statement that the blazes started when an arsonist triggered inflammable substances at the municipality-run impounding garage. Inspectors who examined the scene found that the flames erupted among abandoned fiber-glass boats at the far end of the impounding garage.

The flames had spread rapidly. Four squads doused the fire that erupted among the boats in Mina Abdullah, KFF said in an earlier statement. The KFF said in a statement late on Sunday that the central operations department notified the squads in Mina Abdullah, Umm Al-Haiman and Al-Ahmadi, to rush to the scene and contain the blazes that were raging in a number of boats. The flames that were raging on a wide spot were contained after intensive efforts by the firemen. No one was injured and an investigation was conducted. – KUNA

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