KUWAIT: The Department of Architecture class held an exhibition to showcase construction projects made by students during their design studio class. The projects were comprised of structures made of unopened cans of food that have now been donated to charity organizations in Kuwait before the holy month of Ramadan.

This exhibit is the first of its kind in Kuwait. Five teams of three used their creativity to build innovative structures using a minimum of 1000 cans, rubber bands and chip board for support. A total of over 6000 cans was used. The concepts created were called: the hidden truth, the walkway to Heaven, house of emotions, the family tree and finally the giving ship.

Dr Yousef Al-Haroun from Kuwait University’s Department of Architecture and fellow professors and outside professionals in the field selected the most creative design award. The prize went to the walkway to Heaven and the Giving ship. The people’s choice award went to the Giving ship.

The winning students were Hesa Al-Faris, Lulwa Al-Azaz, Dalal Al-Kathear for both Awards and Hasaan Ansari, Deema Al-Rashdan, Sara Al-Rashdan, Ghalia A-lZubi for the most creative design award. The Dean of the College of Architecture Dr Adel Al-Mumin and Chair of the Department of Architecture Dr Shaikha Al-Mubarki with many other professors, architects, engineers, students, and their parents came to the event to support the student’s installations.