Arabization is inevitable

By Dr Khalid A Al-Saleh

Among the hilarious ironies is that an Arab student who studies medicine or other sciences at Italian universities studies it in the Italian language, and the one who studies in Korea studies in their language too. The Palestinian Arab who studies in the usurped state — the Zionist entity — studies in Hebrew, but the Arab who wants to study in his Arab countries studies medicine and science in English or French! It is truly a sad irony. Science and numbers have proved that teaching science in the mother language enables the human being to understand his subject in a more innovative manner, which makes the researcher or doctor able to be creative in their field.

This language of science and numbers has much evidence, be it through statistical studies or studies related to the science of brain functions or educational studies, so observers do not find it strange for keenness by countries’ leaders to teach their students in their language. The reason is that these leaders know that there is no way for their people to share the development and technology in the world without making their language the first tool to deliver science to their children. When the Zionist entity was establishment, the person in charge of education asked Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion about the language Jews will be taught in.

Ben-Gurion looked at him in anger and the official understood it, so teaching of medicine and science in the Zionist entity is in Hebrew. The Zionists brought the language out of the grave. It was a weak language, so they taught their children in it. The Zionist entity’s doctors publish more research papers than what Arab doctors publish, despite the large number of Arab children. Using an alternative language in teaching science and medicine is something we encourage and call for. The material for a student of science and medicine must be in their language, so they can comprehend the material completely and become excellent in it.

The unified medical dictionary committee was formed in 1966, and scientists completed the unification of the medical language dictionary and published it for the first time in 1973. The Arab Center for Authorship and Translation of Health Science was established in 1980 by the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, located in Kuwait. This center, which was first chaired by the late Dr Abdulrahman Al-Awadhi, and currently led by Dr Marzouq Al-Ghunaim, has a full register of workshops, lectures and meetings that has enough evidence for every fair person about the necessity of teaching medicine and science in the mother tongue.

Arabization is inevitable, and if our leaders wish for us to actively contribute to human civilization, they must support the Arabization process quickly. All countries of the world who speak a language teach in their language, publish their research in their language and there are specialized entities that translate and deliver information to doctors in their language. I went for training in Tokyo for many months and there was only one Japanese doctor who spoke English; the rest of scientists, doctors and technicians spoke in Japanese, and no one claimed that Japan is lagging in medicine; rather I saw Western delegations come with translators to learn techniques and science from them.

We will not become like them unless we respect our language and culture, as science is like air — it is the right of everyone. There are enemies of the Arabic language among us with many motives. Some of them hate Arabs, others hate the language of the religion, some are living among us but their hearts are somewhere else; all of them fight the Arabic language and attempt to despise it and doubt its abilities, as they forge information and make up rumors in order to keep the Arab nation hostage to other cultures, and keep our nation away from participating in the global civilization. Those, no matter how they try, will not stop the expansion of this language, in which the Holy Quran was revealed, which is the language of intellect and science. This is a fact known to fair people only, who have clean hearts.

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