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Another terrorist cell busted – ‘Massive weapons, explosives cache uncovered’

hhKUWAIT: Three members of an alleged terrorist cell were arrested yesterday and a massive cache of weaponry and explosives hidden at a farm in Abdaly was uncovered, the Interior Ministry announced in a statement to the press.

The cache of weapons, hidden inside a hole in the ground that had been fortified with concrete, included 56 rocket propelled grenade launchers, dozens of guns and kilos of explosive material.

1The 47 year old Kuwaiti owner of the farm, suspect HA, was arrested along with a second suspect, citizen AH. Three firearms and live ammunition were found in his house. The third suspect (HT) was arrested with three bags containing firearms and ammunition and various types of explosives.

All three men confessed to joining a terrorist group and to owning the weapons and explosives and led police to where they were hidden. Security authorities are continuing their investigations to arrest other suspects still at large.

    Explosives teams worked on removing the RPG launchers from the Al-Abdaly farm, as well as the firearms, ammunition and highly explosive material found in the house. The statement said the weapons and explosives found are as follows: 19,000 kilos of various ammunition, 144 kilos of various TNT explosives, PE4, 65 various fire arms, RPGs, 204 hand grenades in addition to electric detonators. The suspects remain in custody.

2This is the third terror cell uncovered in Kuwait in the wake of the June 26 suicide bombing of the Imam Al-Saddiq mosque in Kuwait City by a Saudi national. A total of 29 people were arrested in connection with that attack, authorities are seeking the death penalty for 11 of them.

Then on July 31, Kuwaiti authorities announced the discovery of another group of four men, all Kuwaiti citizens, also allegedly connected to Islamic State militants in Iraq plotting attacks in the emirate. The four remain in custody.

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