KUWAIT: HH The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al- Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Sixth International Shooting Grand Prix will kick off on Saturday with the participation of 650 shooters from 47 countries. President of Arab and Kuwait Shooting Federations Eng Duaij Khalaf Al-Otaibi said the tournament will include the 13th Arab Shooting Tournament that will continue until February 3rd. Al-Otaibi was speaking at a press conference held Tuesday night at Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Olympic Shooting Complex along with secretary general of KSF and ASF Obaid Al-Osaimi. He said the tournament is expected to see strong competition by shooters who look forward to win its prestigious cup.

Al-Otaibi highly appreciated the support of HH the Amir to this sport of our heritage, and his patronizing of this tournament that is revered by all shooters. He also appreciated the support of Public Authority for Sport led by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Mansour Al-Sabah. He said we are happy to organize the tournament which contributes to the development of Kuwait Shooting which has gone to wider horizons and pointed to the achievements Kuwait Shooting made at the International and Olympic levels, especial in Rio, when six Kuwaiti shooters qualified while Fuheid Al-Daihani and Abdallah Al-Rashidi displayed a very strong performance there, despite all the problems Kuwaiti athletes are facing at the present time.

He said Kuwait Shooting Sport Club Board of Directors are concentrating on the base youth and juniors, and were able to form teams at these stages, as we absolutely believe in the importance of having links between the generations. Obaid Al-Osaimi said that preparations for this event started early, as the Higher Organizing Committee has been working for a long time, getting ranges ready, workshops, and training. He said there were special courses for referees who will officiate the event, for their very important role. He said the tournament coincides with Kuwait’s National and Liberation days, adding that all is ready.

By Abdellatif Sharaa