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Alghanim Industries employees spread financial literacy among 4,806 students – Through INJAZ-Kuwait programs

Alghanim Industries CEO Omar Kutayba Alghanim
Alghanim Industries CEO Omar Kutayba Alghanim

KUWAIT: With the end of the 2015/2016 school year, Alghanim Industries, one of the largest private companies in the region, announced the number of its employees who volunteered in the different programs of INJAZ-Kuwait. Alghanim Industries was the biggest contributor of volunteers for INJAZ-Kuwait this year, with 263 employees volunteering 1,382 hours of their time to work with students across different programs offered by INJAZ-Kuwait, in which 4,806 students participated from middle school, high school, and university levels.

With this contribution, Alghanim Industries has more than doubled its goal of equipping 2,000 students per school year with the necessary skills that will directly improve their career prospects, following the commitment made by the CEO of Alghanim Industries, and the Chairman of INJAZ-Kuwait, Omar Kutayba Alghanim.

The World Economic Forum’s Regional Business Council for MENA, which was chaired by Alghanim, invited business leaders and organizations to join a collaborative effort to making 100,000 youth job-ready by 2017. Part of the New Vision for Arab Employment Initiative, partner companies will introduce incremental corporate initiatives for skill development, fostering entrepreneurship and connecting talent to markets. Alghanim Industries was one of nine founding partners of the initiative.

Spirit of volunteerism
Commenting on this achievement, Omar Kutayba Alghanim said: “I am proud of Alghanim Industries’ employees and their spirit of volunteerism that helped us achieve these great results. With the help of our employees, we were able to spread financial literacy to 4,806 students from different educational levels and we aim to continue our contributions through volunteering during the next school year.”

He added: “Our support stems from our awareness of the challenges we face in the region. Youth unemployment rates and an education gap, resulting from wars in Middle Eastern countries, increases our responsibility as a leading company in the region. We value the role education plays in developing the economy, and in finding creative solutions for the challenges we face today. Alghanim Industries is proud to be one of the largest supporters of INJAZ-Kuwait, an organization that has been spreading financial literacy among school and university students for years.”

Kuwait’s future
CEO of INJAZ-Kuwait, Rana Al-Nibari said: “We at INJAZ-Kuwait appreciate the continuous participation and support of our partners in the private. It reaffirms INJAZ’s stance in investing in Kuwait’s future by spreading financial literacy and educating the country’s youth in entrepreneurial and business culture. Alghanim Industries is a perfect example of this constructive partnership, where it exerts all effort to support us and encourages all of its employees to volunteer with us to guide and educate the students. We are pleased by our relationship with Alghanim Industries, and look forward to having more of these fruitful partnerships with other companies in the private sector.”

INJAZ-Kuwait is a nonprofit organization committed to preparing and empowering youth in Kuwait to succeed in the global economy. INJAZ – Kuwait provides K-12 students with hands-on learning in entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy. Alghanim Industries supports its efforts to provide Kuwait’s youth with the skills they need to build successful careers in the future. For the past five years, Alghanim Industries employees have contributed the most volunteers relative to other companies supporting INJAZ-Kuwait.

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