Aleppo not a Kuwaiti cause

We have never seen so much hateful sectarian divisions as we have been learning about, hearing and seeing in these dreadful days. We have never, either, seen people so attached and cheaply promoting foreign agendas as we see these days, when some of our own sons belonging to two opposite teams are waiting to charge at each other, holding their swords to behead them!
Aleppo is a Syrian, regional, Arab and international cause, but it is definitely not a Kuwaiti one! Kuwait did not become a cause for the people of Aleppo when it was occupied. No group of people from Aleppo went out on the streets demonstrating, condemning the occupation or calling for jihad to liberate Kuwait. No groups went out rejoicing the occupation either.

We do sympathize with Aleppo and its people the same way we do with everybody living in the shadows of danger. We do provide them with all we can in the form of money, aid, food, medicines, clothes, and, on top of all, sincere prayers. This is all we can do for any repressed people worldwide, be they Arabs, Muslims or following any other religion or doctrine. They are all alike for us.

We are not a major power or a striking force. We do not have fleets, barges or aircraft carriers. All our military munitions are exactly like what a small shed has of cutting, sawing or hammering gear. We should know better and release the real size of our powers.

So, all those heroic calls and acts made by people on both sides will bring us nothing but catastrophe, and this has to be immediately stopped before its fires grow any larger amongst ignorant zealous people on both sides over a matter they have nothing to do with. Why let a group of hired, deceived and misled people draw our country into such detestable zones full of and controlled by racial, doctrinal and sectarian hate and conflicts?

Why is such tumult being created in Kuwait for a cause of others? We want the new government, namely the new interior minister, to be more accurate, careful and swift. We need him to use his whip before his justice because those are pro-tumult people who hold many grudges, by which they wish to incinerate the country. Such people should not be warned. We must take the first move and tie their hands before they rise from their underground world. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saleh Al-Shayeji

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