Dr Fatima Khajah

KUWAIT: Al-Safat Investment Company held a medical seminar about the new coronavirus strain and hosted General Surgery Consultant in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital Dr Fatima Khajah, a frontline hero in fighting the virus. The seminar was held in Al-Safat Tower in the presence of Al-Safat Investment Company CEO Ahmed Abouzeid and all company employees as well as Safat Tower investors and a number of clients.

Saheb Khajah, Manager of Supporting Services Department at Al-Safat Investment Company said that the significance of the seminar lies in its discussion of the critical global issue of the deadly pandemic which has swept the world causing hundreds of thousands of families to lose loved one's. He beseeched Allah to protect Kuwait and its people from all harm.

Khajah added that Al-Safat Investment Company has been keen on keeping up with events and through this awareness seminar, supporting the awareness efforts of various public and private entities. This emphasizes on the grave responsibility of private institutions and businesses in Kuwait in confronting this pandemic which has impacted all business sectors in Kuwait.

He explained that the local effect of the pandemic called for precautionary measures and awareness on the part of major institutions which have large numbers of employees, administrators and technicians. This was recognized by Al-Safat company through implementing a number of precautionary measures whose aspects today's seminar aims to highlight.

Khajah applauded the seminar's attendance as being indicative of the high level of awareness of public sector workers who realize the importance of working in a safe environment. He also praised Dr Fatima Khajah's presentation, pointing out that it brought optimism and reassurance about the concerned authorities having the spread of the pandemic in Kuwait under control.

Dr Fatima Khajah began her presentation by noting the global cost of the pandemic in terms of health, economy and psychology. She addressed the essential question of why this virus is different, explaining that it is due to its ability to spread fast through aerosols and exhalation as well as its ability to mutate as evidenced lately. She added that this mutation is the result of the nature of the COVID-19 which is described as a fast dividing virus, noting that this "does not necessarily make it more dangerous, but it increases its ability to spread."

Dr Khajah pointed out that the preliminary methods of fighting the virus are simple, easy and rely on social distancing, regular hygiene and sanitization as well as complying with health instructions and guidelines. Since the advanced and most effective solution against the virus is the vaccine, she stressed that beating the virus is possible with the medical efforts through the vaccines approved by the American Food and Drug Organization. Dr Fatima Khajah concluded her presentation by answering questions and queries of the attendees who interacted actively with the topic of discussion.