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Al-Razi Hospital Tower vital in treating COVID-19

Al-Razi Hospital Tower

KUWAIT: Al-Razi Hospital Tower became one of the Kuwaiti health system’s main facilities to help fight COVID-19 cases, especially emergency cases. The Tower includes an integrated medical team for intensive and internal care, as well as cardiologists, lung, dialysis and physiotherapy doctors. In remarks to KUNA yesterday, the health ministry COVID-19 team leader Dr Hashem Al-Hashemi said that the plan of using Al-Razi Tower as a COVID-19 treatment center began in 2020.

He affirmed that the Tower is one of the newest medical buildings in the country, provided with modern technologies and professional health cadres. Moreover, he noted that the ministry has provided the tower with supportive medical services such as radiology, laboratories and pharmacies, in addition to a specialized emergency system to deal with COVID-19 critical cases.

An ICU bed at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Head of Anesthesiology Department and Intensive Care Unit Dr Hussein Al-Mejadi said that the medical team in the Tower applies the global protocols in dealing with the COVID-19 cases. He also noted that there is a 24/7 monitoring system to follow up with patients via cameras to help reduce the infection rate among medical staff and ensure their safety.

The medical team meets with the patients’ families on a daily basis to keep them updated with their relatives’ health situation, he added. He indicated that the ministry is responsible for providing all requirements and supplies the Tower needs immediately and in a mechanism completely different from what prevailed before the pandemic.

On the spread of the Delta variant, he said that the disease has become more severe, that the vast majority of the infected were unvaccinated. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been vague and unclear information about vaccines, but after vaccinating more than three billion people in the world, the effectiveness of the vaccine has become clear, he added. – KUNA


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