Jassem Al-Fajji

KUWAIT: Al-Raya Al-Mutameyeza Holding Group expanded its activities by adding a new division; Al-Salam Partnership Company, which is specialized in importing and distributing food, non-food products and beverages from well-reputed international brands. This is in tune with its vision and strategy to diversify its business and sources of income.

Al-Raya Al-Mutameyeza Holding Group's CEO, Jassem Al-Fajji expressed his pride in expanding the company's activities to include food and beverages into its business portfolio and enhancing its economic activities as a key player in Kuwait's private sector. He also emphasized the company's keenness in entering new economic sectors to diversify its business activities that ensuring assured returns and revenues for both shareholders and clients. "At the same time, the new venture will provide more job opportunities for the Kuwaiti youth and thus will play a pivotal role in boosting the state's economy," he said.

Al-Fajji added that the Kuwaiti market is capable of absorbing leading food companies and helping them grow amidst professional and elegant competition. "Expanding the group to include new sectors opens new horizons for development," he underlined. Al-Fajji explained that the group's executive management fully believes in constant development based on clearly defined strategic expansion plans that can be a role model for businesses in terms of cooperation with employees and working hand-in-hand for more achievements and successes.

Al-Raya Al-Mutameyeza Holding Group now includes Al-Raya United Company for Operation and Development in KSA, Turkey, Egypt, European markets and Al-Salam Company for Food Products Import & Distribution.

With the aim of expanding its activities and diversifying its sources of income for its clients' best interest, Al-Raya Al-Mutameyeza Holding Group has also acquired a stake in Midaf Holding Group, which is headquartered in Egypt and owns a number of subsidiaries engaged in investment, money market and other sectors.