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Al-Khanfar: Seats for Kuwaiti medical students in Saudi universities “increased”

Riyadh: Seats for Kuwaiti medical students were increased in Saudi Arabia as part of the cooperation between the two countries, said a Kuwaiti official on Sunday.

Ahmad Al-Khanfar, head of the Kuwaiti Education Ministry’s Cultural Office in Riyadh, told KUNA that the effort to increase the enrollment of students in Saudi universities came to cover the needs of students after scholarships to Jordan and Egypt were suspended.

Seats for the 2023-24 semester at Al-Faisal University in Riyadh were increased to 100 as opposed to 31 last semester, he revealed.

He said that the office would continue to seek an increase of seats in other universities for newly graduate Kuwaiti students and those transferred from other countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and others.

Al-Khanfar revealed that the office was also in the process of signing an agreement with the King Saud University for the 2024-25 semester to further enroll Kuwaiti medical students.

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