Al Attiyah flies to Algeria to head FIA meeting – MENA

Nasser Al Attiyah
Nasser Al Attiyah

KUWAIT: Nasser Al Attiyah – FIA Vice President heads today for FIA meeting – MENA. The meeting will be attended by the presidents of federations and clubs of MENA, the meeting is expected to discuss many issues related to mechanic sport and the agenda of the 3 days meetings hosted by Algeria, in addition to a number of workshops pertaining the motorsport activities.

About the nature of the meeting, Al Attiyah praised the prominent role displayed by El Hady Weld Ali- Minister of Youth & Sport – Algeria and Chihab Baloul – president of FASM – and the members of FASM for facilitating all possibilities in order to have a successful event, which is considered the first of its kind in North Africa, such event would highlight the prominent role displayed by MENA federations and clubs to push the wheel of motor sport in the region.

Al Attiyah said that such a meeting is considered the first of its kind in North Africa and also considered one of the most important meetings in MENA, such as the meeting held before in Qatar, Jounieh and Kuwait, its importance lies also in the attendance of Jean Todt – FIA president, and the volume of files to be discussed in the meeting especially in this critical time and the hard circumstances that the region is currently witnessing.

Al Attiyah added that there will practical discussions for the regulatory rules and articles of these events which are organized in MENA, aiming at better future for the motorsport, such discussions are mainly based on FIA regulations. It is worth saying that Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Oman and Qatar have apologized for attending the meeting.

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