KUWAIT: The national pride of the Kuwaiti youth is strong and vibrant, and no one can deny this, especially during February, when Kuwaitis across the nation celebrate the holidays of National and Liberation Days. The crisp early spring air and luminous rising sun make for an ideal atmosphere for jubilees across Kuwait. The American International University (AIU) campus is a superb venue to host a celebration and the opportunity was not missed this month as events leading up to the grand celebration on February 22, took place almost daily throughout February.

AIU strives to offer its students an authentic American higher education experience by offering rigorous courses as well as an engaging and organized campus life. By hosting a variety of academic and social events across campus, students are given the opportunity to engage with others by developing essential planning, time management, and networking skills, making them attractive to employers after they graduate. Students have the opportunity to participate in the events and are encouraged to join university-supported clubs that help facilitate the events that take place on the AIU campus.

One such event was the National and Liberation Days festival which took place on February 22, 2022. The ceremony was opened by honored guest speaker, Ambassador Jamal Al-Nasafi, who addressed the AIU community and shared his appreciation for the State of Kuwait. Following welcome addresses from the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Director of Student Engagement, students were treated to a variety of cultural elements including local dance and music, a student-led bazaar that sold everything from sweets to handmade wares to traditional Arabic coffee and tea. It was evident from the electrifying buzz which illuminated the venue that everyone in attendance was having a wonderful time. It is important for students to remember who they are and where they come from and events like this are important for cementing a strong and healthy national identity.