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Airport passenger traffic reached 10,848,550 in 2016

KUWAIT: Official statistics for 2016 showed that total passenger traffic at Kuwait International Airport reached 10,848,550 last year, for both arrivals and departures, the Relations and Security Information Department at the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The arrival figure for Kuwaitis was 1,884,888, while departures were 1,887,753. Meanwhile, GCC nationals recorded 337,340 arrivals and 337,432 departures, while other nationalities saw 3,253,291 departures and 3,147,846 arrivals.
It said the number of visas issued at Kuwait airport passports was 216,529, while the fingerprints scanners helped arrest 696 deportees who were trying to reenter the country. In the meantime, 224 people were caught with forged passports, and 164 were carrying passports that do not belong to them. The number of those caught through the fingerprint system and eventually allowed in was 114, 2,744 were sent back, while 1,123 were sent to residency affairs detectives.

Domestic helpers
Meanwhile, the relations and security information department said domestic help department statistics showed the number of complaints received in 2016 was 1,304, including 48 from domestic helpers, 1,236 from employers and 20 from domestic help offices. It also showed that 1,118 domestic helpers were deported with travel documents, while 1,806 offices were inspected and 39 persons were sent to residency affairs detectives. It said that the number of domestic help offices in Kuwait reached 267, while licenses of 42 were revoked.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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