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Ahmadi Municipality ‘collected’ KD 417,500 in bank guarantees

KUWAIT: Ahmadi municipality’s PR department announced collecting KD 1,827 in fees and KD 417,500 in the form of bank guarantees during Sept 2015. The department added that 265 licenses were issued in the same period.

Best short movie
MoE Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and Activities Faisal Maqseed announced that in collaboration with the US embassy, a special competition will be held for the best short movie about Kuwait’s liberation war and the role played by allied forces during the occupation and liberation war. Maqseed added that the competition will be open to intermediate and secondary students. Conditions include that the movie’s length should be of 5 to 10 minutes in English or Arabic or both, and production teams must comprise of three to five people including a supervising teacher. Maqseed also stressed that participating CDs should be handed over at MoE’s PR and media department by Thursday, Dec 3, 2015. He also noted that a joint committee comprising of elements from MoE and the US embassy will choose three winners. Also, MoE’s Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs Yousef Al-Najjar said air-conditioning contracts at the ministry’s headquarters and the Jabriya training center had been extended for six more months.

MEW 2016-2017 budget
MEW announced allocating KD 100 million from its 2016-2017 budget to fund a project to supply, install, operate and maintain new gas turbine units at the Subbiya power and water desalination plant to increase its capacity by 500 megawatts.

Passports of doctors
MoH recently withdrew the passports of doctors working at public hospitals according to the three-month ‘locum’ (placeholder in Latin) system and withheld them with hospitals’ administrative departments throughout the three-month period.

Withdrawing houses
The Housing Public Authority is due to start withdrawing houses and apartments given to citizens who have not been using them for over 90 days or have been letting them out to others, by the beginning of November. In another development, the Minister of Commerce and Industry Yousef Mohammed Al-Ali decided to form a special committee comprising of elements from his ministry and some other relevant bodies to study regulating construction material subsidies. The committee is due to report back to the minister within a month.

By A Saleh

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