KUWAIT: Ahli United Bank (AUB) announced winning the finals of bank league ABK T20 cricket tournament. AUB Chief Executive Officer Jehad Al-Humaidhi honored the bank's cricket team and praised their efforts and enthusiasm. Humaidhi confirmed that AUB is one of the oldest Kuwaiti banks that devoted particular attention to sports, especially cricket. AUB made great sports achievements over the years, by participating in tournaments with various banks or winning these tournaments.

Humaidhi pointed out that cricket is very popular among AUB employees who have great enthusiasm for this crowd-pleasing game. This is evidently reflected in the highly competitive spirit shown by the bank's cricket team in this tournament. Humaidhi delivered heartfelt congratulations to the winners. She also extended sincere thanks to all participants and organizers who successfully managed to run and present this tournament in this good image.

Meanwhile, AGM Human Resources at Ahli United Bank, Maryam Al-Mudhaf, said that AUB pays great attention to encourage sports, including football, cricket, bowling and other sports activities. The bank is keen to support athletes to develop their skills so that they can raise the name of Kuwait high in international forums.

Mudhaf added that the bank provides this support based on its belief in the importance of sports and its role in refining the physical, psychological and mental skills of young people. She mentioned that AUB includes distinguished sports teams of enthusiastic youth who are eager to win championships.

Raja Sudheer, on behalf of AUB cricket team, thanked the bank's management for the support and encouragement it provides to the bank's cricket team to inspire them achieve success. He also praised the Kuwait Cricket Club for its support in organizing all cricket tournaments.