After corona

‘Life Goes On’ is the title of a publication by the GCC Health Council with a hashtag in Arabic #return after corona. The booklet starts by saying “life goes on”, a title that spells optimism, but to reach safety we must comply with instructions and advice that makes the return to normal life after coronavirus safer and easier.
It is really encouraging to have these types of publications that send assurances that the virus will not stay with us for long, but this requires all kind of efforts by all authorities as well as the public to cooperate to cleanse the earth from this disease in its current form and remove its claws that are affecting every aspect of life now.
The booklet asks that we continue preventive behavior as a way of life. This is really important and should be followed in full whether with coronavirus or not, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and being physically active – any form of activity is acceptable, even walking. It also calls for educating oneself on how to deal with diseases and contribute to protect ourselves and the society from it, and it reminds us to be keen on getting the necessary vaccinations.
When one feels sick, especially if it has to do with the respiratory system, they should seek medical help. If healthy, keep on with your life normally and follow instructions. The booklet alludes to returning to using public transportation, particularly buses and taxis, and gives instructions to passengers. It also mentions measures when you drive your private car, when markets reopen, and gatherings and going to parks will be allowed. It tells restaurant owners, workers and patrons what to do to avoid infections.
An important area is returning to work in offices. It gives the employer advice and reminders on rules and offers the employee guidelines that should be followed when reporting to work. The publication did not leave schools and universities out, as instructions were given to those responsible for the facilities and their students.
Another tradition was also alluded to in the booklet – travelling abroad – which is something everybody is waiting for after the long period of lockdowns and curfews. It is a good effort for sure that focuses on what I will do tomorrow, God willing.
“When you arise in the morning, think of what precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” — Anon

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