ABK promotes its A+ Student account at IUK

KUWAIT: Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) recently promoted its A+ Student account at International University of Kuwait (IUK) to newly-enrolled 2023-2024 semester students. The bank’s participation demonstrates its dedication to enhancing financial knowledge and encouraging young people to develop a habit of saving. The A+ Student account is designed for younger demographics aged16 to 25, offering a wide range of valuable features and benefits, including a dedicated personalized debit card.

Within the extensive array of appealing advantages and offerings, students who transfer their educational allowance to the A+ Student account will receive a complimentary prepaid card valid for 2 years. This is in addition to an exclusive ‘Buy 1 Get 2 Tickets Free’ promotion at VOX Cinemas as well as special discounts from renowned merchants and partners throughout Kuwait. During the event, Johair Marafi, Acting General Manager of Retail Banking at ABK, emphasized the importance of youth stating, “By introducing students to our unique A+ Student account and its broad range of benefits and services, ABK aims to be a part of a truly worthwhile higher education experience.”

Marafi elaborated that the account’s valuable features make it an attractive choice for university students. She also emphasized the importance of meeting customer needs by offering promotions through the bank’s series of business partners. She continued, “I encourage students to open an A+ Student account to benefit from tailored lifestyle benefits. I am confident this will be a promising step towards a great banking experience.” ABK strives to create promotions that align with its goal of offering diverse banking and financial products and services for all segments of Kuwait’s society.

The bank also takes every opportunity to promote a culture of saving, with a particular focus on its importance for younger audiences. Marafi concluded by inviting everyone to follow the bank’s social media accounts to remain updated on the latest marketing initiatives, promotional campaigns, and offerings throughout the year. Since its establishment in 1967, ABK has progressed to become one of the leading Kuwaiti banks in the region that offers a wide array of personal, corporate, and private banking products and services.

ABK also provides a broad range of local, regional, and global investment solutions and services through its subsidiary, ABK Capital. Across the region, the bank offers individuals and corporates the convenience of comprehensive banking and financial services in the Egyptian market through ABK-Egypt’s network of 44 branches. This is in addition to ABK’s three branches located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in the United Arab Emirates, servicing both Kuwaiti and Emirati individual and corporate clients.

ABK is a strong supporter of Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Banking Association’s ‘Let’s Be Aware’ awareness campaign. Through its various initiatives, the bank aims to promote financial inclusion by educating Kuwaiti society about customer rights, responsibilities, and the different types of banking and special needs services. Additionally, ABK consistently provides strategic information on how to avoid banking and financial fraud, loan application requirements, digital services, and more.

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