Frank Belonus

KUWAIT: ABCK-AmCham Kuwait has become one of the signatories for the United Nations' (UN) Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs), supported by its Women in Business Focus Group, chaired by Dr Arezou Harraf. ABCK-AmCham Kuwait joins almost 4,800+ global signatory companies, and 30 signatory companies in the state of Kuwait, which are part of supporting and advancing the WEPs.

The WEPs are a group of principles developed in 2010, which offer a holistic framework to organizations and businesses on how to promote gender equality and women's empowerment in the workplace, marketplace, and community. The 7 WEPs principles are an initiative established by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, and these principles encourage companies and their leadership to improve gender equality, as well as other facets to advance gender equality in their workforce, supply chains, and communities.

Frank Belonus, Chairman of the Board of AmCham Kuwait said: "ABCK- AmCham Kuwait is proud to be one of many globally signing the Women Empowerment Principles by the United Nations Global Compact. Last year, ABCK-AmCham Kuwait launched a Women in Business (WIB) Focus Group, as we saw a need for a group that helps and empowers women in the workforce within our own membership and in Kuwait.

"Our WIB Focus Group aligns with Kuwait's Vision 2035, which includes achieving gender equality and empowerment for women, as the role of women in the workforce and economic development is crucial for the economic development and diversification of any country. By signing the Women Empowerment Principles by the United Nations Global Compact, we step in the right direction as an organization, as we express our support in advancing gender equality by using the 7 principles of the WEPs as guiding points in benefit to our society." ABCK-AmCham Kuwait is proud to commit to work collaboratively with multi-stakeholder networks such as their own Corporate Members to foster business practices that empower women.