A ‘Kuwaiti’

The late Abdulhussein Abdulredha fought against backwardness and extremism along with other great artists. There isn’t a single Kuwaiti, as far as I know, who looked at Abdulhussein as a different man or a stranger. The bedoons did not look at him as (hadhar) urban or the Sunnis as a Shiite. Those who call themselves the children of the fence did not see him as an outsider. Everyone cried for the son and actor of Kuwait, who appeared only as a “Kuwaiti” through his work and that is how he departed from us, as a Kuwaiti.

An individual does not necessarily have to be famous or generous to be a distinguished Kuwaiti like the late Abdeulhussein. Every citizen has the same recognition, honor and rights that were granted to the late Abdulhussein Abdulredha when he died. We are all supposed to be Kuwaitis, we differ from each other as individuals and each of us have our own personality, performance, and capabilities, that make us somebody, but at the end we remain still children of Adam, according to the law of Kuwaitis.

In primitive societies, or societies of past eras, human beings are looked at collectively, not as a distinguished individual, but as a tribe or sect or even the region doesn’t matter whether Azmi or Mutairi, Sunni or Shiite, from the inside or outside, from the east or from qibla. In the good society that is ruled by law and true democratic principles in justice and equality, the human being is an individual with his qualifications and abilities, and he is measured by them, and with them he is categorized and promoted.

He is protected by the law and his rights are safeguarded by state institutions. It is not the tribe, sect and not even the family or those who have influence on them among friends as in this case with great regret. Abdulhssein Abdulredha, a man we loved and adored for his art and contribution died a Kuwaiti, and we buried him as a Kuwaiti. He united as in his life, and united us even more in his death. Let us remember him from today as a Kuwaiti and that’s It.-Al-Qabas

By Abdellatif Al-Duaij

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