Yousuf Awadh Al-Azmi
By Yousuf Awadh Al-Azmi

"Espresso is all that stands between us and creative defeat." - Hari Kunzru

always talk about writing and its merits and there comes to mind many questions about it. Is writing, for example, a piece wanted from a student about a subject that concerns sunrise or sunset, the darkness of night or the rays of day? Writing may be considered a delicious hot meal in a favorite restaurant, a spicy pizza or even chicken biryani that is rich with spices brought in from Mumbai.

The challenge any writer faces is about what they may write, how to think, how to write, etc. For example, will they write about the repercussions of the presence of multinational companies, or what is known as intercontinental companies.

I have an idea about the topic, but it is not enough and needs an additional team so I can understand the subject clearly to write while looking at the fully twisted picture. Then there was an idea to write about Dubai, especially since I returned yesterday morning from that magnificent emirate after a three-day visit. But what am I going to write about "Dar Al-Hai" (this is what many call Dubai), especially as my travel was for a private family affair? So, what am I going to write about?

The writing time is constricted, and while I was thinking, I received a message about a new library in Dubai that has six million books. It is a public library run by the state, which is good news, yet this is not a full idea I can write about, either to laud or criticize it - of course, if the work concerns the Dubai government, it is hard to have criticism. True, there must be drawbacks, but when you see more positives, the positive silence becomes a tactful behavior.

I took some time to go to a major bookstore in Dubai, and while shopping for books, I found three. But if I did not have a single dirham to buy, I would have faced two solutions - either to quickly borrow money or snatch the books and run to the door! (Of course, I say this as a joke.) I think a lot about the issue of books and having them - is it an addiction or unwanted appetite?

What does it mean to stack hundreds of books, when most of them you can find on your mobile phone with just a press of a button? Is it overspending, squandering, addiction, or is it a positive phenomenon? The answer is yours, yet I am sure it is the most beautiful and beneficial addiction!

I am writing with a cup of Arabic coffee next to me, remembering some columns that carry silent messages. Their expressions are between the lines, and only people interested with the topic can understand the matter. It is a difficult writing craft, yet I am certain that it is the most beautiful type of writing. Only the sender and receiver can feel it, and its aroma is not far from that of coffee. This attribute is also available in the art of poetry.