65 percent of crimes in Kuwait linked to drugs

KUWAIT: Official sources have raised a red flag over rising rates of violence and crimes due to the use of drugs and psychoactive substances. The sources said 65 percent of crimes in Kuwait are linked to selling drugs or using them. “Many drug pushers attract new generations through social media to hook them on drugs, adding there are new types of drugs that are cheap and of bad quality, which cause destructive health complications,” said the sources in statements published by Al-Qabas Arabic daily yesterday. “This calls for urgent moves to prevent their spread among youth and adolescents.”

The sources said for every 50 cases authorities are working on, 35 cases are drugs-related, and around 50 to 60 percent of total prisoners were convicted in drugs cases. They said the number of suspects in drugs cases from 2010 to 2020 is around 25,000 – involved in around 19,000 cases – adding that more than 12,000 are Kuwaitis, with males making up around 93 percent of the total suspects. The sources also revealed there are more than 40,000 drug addicts in Kuwait.

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