60 vehicles impounded for driving on right shoulder

KUWAIT: The Interior Ministry’s General Traffic Department carried out a campaign against people who illegally drive on the right shoulder of Abdelkareem Al- Khatabi road during the morning rush hour. The crackdown resulted in issuing 74 citations and impounding 60 vehicles.

The department released a statement appealing to the public not to use the right shoulder at all, and comply with the timings of using the left shoulder, which are as follows: From 6:00 am until 10:00 pm, provided that the speed does not exceed 45 km/hour in both directions.

1- King Abdulaziz Road from Sixth Ring Road to Third Ring Road, and back.

2- King Fahad Road from Sixth Ring Road until 1st Ring Road and back.

3- King Faisal Road from Sixth Ring Road until Fourth Ring Road and back.

4- Ghazaly road from Sixth Ring Road until Fourth Ring Road and back.

5- Sheikh Zayed Road (5th Ring) from King Abdulaziz Road with Sheikh Zayed until Andalus crossroad.

6- Sixth Ring Road from King Abdulaziz crossroad until Farwaniya hospital crossroad.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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