32% of Shadadiya industrial project complete: Al-Nahedh

KUWAIT: Commerce and Industry Minister Mazen Al-Nahedh revealed the completion rate of the Shadadiya industrial project has reached 32 percent, showing the keenness of all concerned parties to finish the project within the planned period. “The project aims to achieve all the needs of economic and industrial growth by providing the basis of developing a modern industrial area as well as providing it with the latest technologies,” Nahedh said.

“The project will consist of three main sectors – chemical, food and mixed sectors, on 1,036 industrial plots. The project will be operated using sustainable development techniques during the contractual period. Accessing the area is relatively easy, whether by the current or future roads,” he said. “Industrial development has become one of the targets of non-oil growth for Kuwait, as the trend is to strengthen and support this sector within the objectives of the New Kuwait 2035 development plan, ensuring the industrial sector is one of the main non-oil resources of the state,” Nahedh added.

In other news, the minister added three new activities including building private universities and colleges to commercial activities in the unified guide for categorizing economic activities in the GCC, along with selling used clothes as well as sales of agricultural, water and electricity equipment.

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