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312 houses cited over construction violations – 13 owners remove violations

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality inspectors continued tracking construction violations in various governorates, said the municipality’s public relations department, noting that over 312 houses had been cited with construction violations. The department also stressed that with direct cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW), power was disconnected to 29 of the houses, while power disconnection decisions were pending for 52 more houses. Further, the department explained that 119 houses were fined for the violations and that the owners of 13 houses responded to inspections and willingly removed the violations in their houses.

Ahmadi municipality manager Fahd Al-Shetaili said inspection in Ahmadi resulted in filing 96 notices to owners of houses with construction violations, as well as 39 citations to other owners. “Power was disconnected to eight houses and 10 owners willingly removed the violations,” he explained.

Mubarak Al-Kabeer municipality manager Samya Al-Enezi said that inspections teams gave 80 notices to owners of houses with construction violations and that power was disconnected to eight houses, while preparations are pending to disconnect power to 19 others. Farwaniya municipality manager Mohammed Sarkhouh said that 13 houses were found in violation of construction conditions.

Capital municipality manager Ammar Al-Ammar said that his inspection teams filed 110 construction violations and that power was disconnected to one of the houses, while an owner willingly removed his violations. Jahra municipality manager Mohammed Al-Aradi said that inspection campaigns in Jahra resulted in tracking 51 houses with construction violations, of which 33 received warning notices and power was disconnected to five.

Hawally municipality manager Falah Al-Shemmari said that the municipality coordinates with MEW to disconnect electricity to houses with violations. He added that five houses were warned, five were fined, power was disconnected to six while the owners of three houses willingly removed their violations.

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