Brothel raided – Beggars arrested

KUWAIT: Vice police raided a brothel in Rabiya where they arrested two women – an Ethiopian and a Sri Lankan – in addition to one Egyptian male customer. The two women had been practicing prostitution in return for money. The three were referred to relevant authorities.

Beggars arrested
Following security forces’ efforts in tracking down beggars, the detectives arrested an Indian man named Abdul Mateen Abdul Jabbar while begging. In addition, Farwaniya detectives arrested a 47-year-old Indian woman while begging. The woman was found to be sponsored by a citizen named Majed Abdullah.

Bus accident
A 26-year-old Indian broke his right shoulder and arm, a 30-year-old Filipino sustained a head injury and double fractures to the right arm and foot, another 30-year-old Filipino sustained a head injury, and a 34-year-old Indian sustained bruises to his right arm when a bus they were in flipped over along Subbiya highway, said security sources, noting that two of the injured had to be rushed to hospital by medevac.

Municipality campaigns
Kuwait Municipality inspection teams inspected a number of stores, restaurants and cafes in Salmiya. The campaign resulted in closing down 15 cafes for violating bylaws. Meanwhile, a team entrusted with removing violations on government property removed 65 different barriers unlawfully put up on public property in the Capital and Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorates.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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