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‘Saq Al Bamboo’ and ‘Been Galbin’: Episode 13

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Times is publishing daily recaps of two Kuwaiti soap operas aired on Al Rai TV and MBC Drama. Here are the recaps of the 13th episodes:

‘Saq Al Bamboo’ and ‘Been Galbin’
‘Saq Al Bamboo’ and ‘Been Galbin’

‘Saq Al Bamboo’ (Bamboo Stalk)
Ghanima tells the maid to tell Eisa to have dinner with them at the house every day. Nooriya tells her mother that Hind should not issue the citizenship document for Eisa or at least delete the name of the family (Taroof) from all of his documents. When Eisa comes to eat dinner, Nooriya leaves the table and goes to her house.

Ghanima’s neighbor Um Jaber suddenly visits her, so Eisa leaves the dinner and goes to his room. Hind then takes food to his room. She takes him the next day to issue the citizenship document and tells him to keep it a secret. Noor brings Eisa sweets to apologize for being rude and he tells her he received the document, so Khawla suggests holding a party for him on this occasion.

Eisa, the brother of Noor, tells his mother Nooriya that he loves Khawla and wants to marry her, but his mother says that Khawla is still young and hasn’t finished her studies. But he doesn’t know that she loves her neighbor Jaber.
When Khawla and Noor go to Ghasan’s house to celebrate with Eisa, Jaber sees Eisa in the street and remembers him from last year when they met in the Philippines. Hind then joins them at Ghasan’s house. Hind blames Khawla for going there to celebrate without informing her.

Been Galbin (Between Two Hearts)
Muhsin’s mother complains of facing problems taking care of his children alone, as she is getting old. She says she needs somebody who is young to help her, and suggests that he remarries, but he refuses.
Yasmin starts working in the salon and meets Dana there. Muhsen takes his car which Yasmin was using, but she doesn’t care.

Marzouq still loves Aryam and asks her if she loves somebody else, but she denies this. He asks her if they can get together again, but she tells him to forget her forever.

Aryam meets Bashar to ask him about their marriage. He asks her to give him some time till Dana delivers the baby, as he doesn’t want to hurt her.

Aryam asks her old colleague who still works with Bashar if she knows Dana, but she said that she only saw her once, at their wedding. She then said she knows somebody who worked as a private eye and can collect information about Dana. Aryam wants to find something about Dana to make Bashar hate her.

By Nawara Fattahova

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