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28 traffic violations lead to two-month vehicle impoundment

KUWAIT: An informed source at the Interior Ministry said Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Maj Gen Fahd Al-Showai instructed all traffic departments to start targeting all traffic violations mentioned in article 207 and carry out the procedures of administrative action on them. The instructions will not be limited to seatbelts, running the red light and using the phone – rather they are applicable to all violations mentioned in article 207, which number 28.

Meanwhile, Showai chaired a meeting of the organizing committee of the 34th Gulf Traffic Week, which will be held under the slogan “Your Life is a Trust”. On the other hand, the traffic department began installation of cameras in all patrol cars to document conversations between police officers and violators, both video and audio. A security source said this technique will safeguard the rights of the traffic officer and the violator, and any complaint will be investigated accordingly.
Vehicles will be impounded for two months if the driver commits any of the following violations:

1) If it was driven without license plates, or an illegible one, or if has anything that obstructs it or carries plates not issued by the traffic department.

2) If it was driven on the road after suspending its license or removing its plates.

3) If it was driven without a title or if its insurance was expired.

4) If the driver does not have a license, or a license that does not allow him to drive it, or if it was suspended.

5) If it was driven recklessly or in a way that endangers the driver, passengers or others.

6) If it was found without brakes while being driven, or if the brakes are with defects.

7) If it was found racing on public roads without permit or in violation of the permit.

8) If the driver commits a vice act.

9) If the driver deliberately obstructs traffic.

10) If it was over-speeding by 30 km/h above the limit.

11) If the driver runs a red light.

12) If the driver was driving under the influence of liquor or drugs.

13) If used for a purpose other than what it was licensed for.

14) If it was parked in a no-parking area, or places that cause obstruction of traffic, or if parked on pavements, or if it was abandoned anywhere on public roads.

15) Driving in the wrong direction, or opposite to traffic flow.

16) Driving the car with heavy smoke coming out of its exhaust, or if fluids damage the road or compromise the safety of motorists.

17) Driving ATVs and buggies.

18) Driving during banned times or if overloaded.

19) If found with unofficial stickers, flags, pictures or logos of a group, sect or any unlicensed organization, excluding pictures of the country’s senior dignitaries and the Kuwaiti flag.

20) Tinting the glass contrary to regulations.

21) If the driver did not have a permit or if the permit had expired, or if he was in violation of the permit’s regulations, in cases when this permit must be obtained.

22) If it was parked in areas reserved for the handicapped.

23) If it was driven with tire rings or tires that are of different specifications than what is recommended by the manufacturer.

24) If it was driven on the road shoulder except for the left shoulder on roads designated by the traffic department.

25) If it is a foreign vehicle driven by a Kuwaiti national without changing its foreign plates with temporary Kuwait customs entry plates, and if it was stopped after the allowed period had expired without applying for a permit.

26) If a tow truck was found lacking any one of the conditions that must be met.

27) If the driver uses the mobile and places it on the ear.

28) If the driver does not wear the seatbelt.


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