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2,799 expatriates terminated in first year of replacement plan

The Civil Service Commission.

KUWAIT: An informed source at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) said results of the first year of implementation of the government’s the replacement plan resulted in terminating the contracts of 2,799 expatriates from various ministries and state departments. These results were to evaluate the first year of the plan in implementation of the CSC decision, Al-Anbaa reported yesterday, quoting the source. He revealed that the education ministry topped the list of ministries in implementing this policy by terminating 1,507 expats during the first year – 54 percent of the total of 2,799. The awqaf and Islamic affairs ministry was second by terminating 436 expats at 16 percent.

The source said the replacement plan requires the termination of 41,741 expats who are still at work, adding that the number of expats in ministries varies, as there are 31,171 expats in the education ministry and the number goes down gradually until it ends with four expats at the secretariat general of the awqaf ministry. The oil ministry is 100 percent ‘Kuwaitized’ as no expats are working there.

The number of non-Kuwaitis working in the government whose contracts ended on July 1, 2018 in implementation of the replacement policy 2017/2018 are as follows: Education Ministry: 1,507; Awqaf Ministry: 436; Health Ministry: 273; Ministry of Electric Water: 158, Interior Ministry: 155; Justice Ministry: 62; Council of Ministers: 50; Public Works Ministry: 40; Information Ministry: 35; Civil Service Commission: 20; Social Affairs Ministry: 14; Finance Ministry: 11; Foreign Ministry: 11; Defense Ministry: 6; Higher Education Ministry: 4; Services Ministry: 3; Fatwa and Legislation Department: 3; National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters : 2; State Ministry for Youth: 2; Central Statistical Bureau: 2; General Secretariat of Supreme Council for Planning and Development: 2; General Customs Department: 2; Commerce and Industry Ministry: 1.

According to Central Service Commission (CSC) statistics, the total number of unemployed citizens is 13,523 – 3,540 males (26.18 percent) and 9,983 females (73.82 percent), reported Al-Anbaa daily, noting that 45.66 percent have been jobless for over 12 months, while only 10.31 percent have been unemployed for 6 to 12 months, which strongly indicates a drop in unemployment compared to previous years.

Meanwhile, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh told Al-Qabas daily that the total number of citizens working for the private sector and receiving national labor support allowances is 59,802 until last September.

Sabeeh added that according to the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program, citizens working for the private sector include 8,716 managers, 3,059 heads of departments, 2,562 supervisors, 2,310 secretaries, 415 mandoubs (representatives), 218 in safety and security, 205 storekeepers, 167 mechanics, 165 electricians, 155 light vehicle drivers, 128 security guards, 78 cashiers, 62 electrical technicians, 38 hairdressers, 31 maintenance technicians and 20 operators.

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