Early detection saves lives: Dr Hashash

Dr Wafaa Al-Hashash

KUWAIT: Head of Gastroenterology and Liver Unit at Al-Sabah Hospital Dr Wafaa Al-Hashash released a statement recently to spread awareness about the importance of early tests for the detection of colon cancer. She quoted international studies and researches which all recommend undergoing examinations before the age of 50.

Dr Hashash said colon cancer is widespread in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, including Kuwait. Unhealthy eating habits, including excessive consumption of fast food are among several reasons that lead to colon cancer, she said, urging people who eat junk food frequently to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Dr Hashash said that the number of cases for people who were tested last year was 2,210, of which 533 cases (24.1 percent) tested positive for several diseases. Out of the positive cases, the number of men diagnosed with polyps was 279 (55 percent) and women was 277 (45 percent). The cases that tested positive for cancer include 18 men and nine women, Dr Hashash said. She noted that early detection tests are available at Health Ministry facilities.

By Abdellatif Sharaa