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2,500 fake companies closed during pandemic

KUWAIT: The coronavirus pandemic enabled the Public Authority for Manpower and the Interior Ministry, along with other government agencies, to uncover around 2,500 bogus companies since the start of the pandemic and close their files, A local daily reported yesterday.

The partial and total curfews revealed the extent of suffering the iqama trade caused and the abuse of absconding and violating laborers by making them work on a daily basis, which called for mobilizing government agencies to start closing the files of violating companies, arrest those involved and send them to the prosecution.

Public Authority for Manpower inspectors, in coordination with residency detectives, are focusing on arresting those reported absconding to face legal action, Al-Qabas reported quoting authority sources. They said the tripartite committee’s activities will be expanded by inspecting companies that employ those who are not under their sponsorship.

As for trading in residencies, sources said the labor protection sector receives complaints with regards to getting a residency permit in exchange of money, as cases will be investigated and referred to concerned authorities.

Sources said 175 suspects employing illegal workers and selling residencies were arrested during the first half of this year, including owners of businesses and mandoubs. They said the Public Authority for Manpower and the Interior Ministry suspended more than 2,200 files for companies involved in selling residencies.

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