KUWAIT: A report by the manpower authority showed 234 private sector companies provided 43,580 job opportunities for Kuwaitis and were listed as 'best companies'. The list includes 30 companies that provided 32,993 job opportunities for citizens (75 percent of total job opportunities), including banking, telecom, construction and trading companies, in addition to libraries.

The report showed that over 44 percent of these jobs were in banks (14,728 jobs), led by Commercial Bank of Kuwait and followed by National Bank of Kuwait, Gulf Bank, Burgan Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait International Bank, Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Boubyan Bank and Ahli United Bank. Only 10 co-ops provided job opportunities for citizens, led by Jaber Al-Ahmad Cooperative Society with 821 jobs, Zahra with 112 jobs, Salmiya with 30 jobs, Adan and Qusour with 18 jobs, Fahaheel with 15 jobs, Abdaly with 17 jobs, Omariya with five jobs and two jobs at Bayan and Jahra co-ops.

The report explained that oil and petrochemical companies provided 2,740 job opportunities, Ooredoo provided 888 job opportunities, Mohammed Hamoud Al-Shaya provided 789 job opportunities, Alghanim provided 2,124 job opportunities and Al-Sultan provided 1,205 job opportunities for citizens.

In addition, the report showed that the "best companies" also provided 65 job opportunities for citizens holding PhD degrees and 146 job opportunities for those holding master's degrees. Notably, 30 of these companies hired more citizens with two-year university degrees (13,185) followed by those with university degrees (10,042) and 767 with high school and two-year experience. Private heavy industries and construction companies provided 347 job opportunities for citizens, while general trading companies provided 982 job opportunities for Kuwaitis without experience and 1,035 for citizens with pre-intermediate certificates.

By A Saleh