Man killed in Salmiya accident; Iranian fashion designer arrested

accidentKUWAIT: A motorist died in a car accident reported yesterday in Salmiya. Firefighters and paramedics arrived to the scene shortly after the accident was reported, but the man had already succumbed to his injuries by then. Firemen recovered the victim’s body from the vehicle before it was taken to the coroner. A case was filed to investigate the causes of the accident.

Fake domestic help office
Residency Affairs Detectives arrested several Ethiopian women on charges of offering illegal domestic help services and absconding. The arrest came after police raided a fake domestic help office based on information that several persons wanted by authorities were running illegal activities there. According to investigations, the suspects used to sign contracts with citizens to bring in domestic helpers from abroad, then received the money but did not deliver on their promises. A total of six women were arrested, all in violation of residency law, and were sent to concerned authorities.

Fashion designer arrested
Policemen arrested an Iranian fashion designer to serve a one-year jail sentence followed by deportation. The woman was sent to the central prison. She who was tried for inciting vice acts through social media. She was staying with a friend in Salmiya, where police went and arrested her.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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