Dead baby found in sewer in Egaila

KUWAIT: Ministry of Public Works (MPW) workers conducting periodic maintenance in a sewage plant in Egaila reported finding a dead baby’s body in the sewer. The workers reported finding an object blocking the system and on removing it, they found out that it was a premature six-month old dead fetus. Police were informed and they rushed to the scene. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Fatal crash
A citizen was killed when he lost control over his vehicle at the Kabd roundabout and it rolled over several times, said security sources. Further investigations are in progress to determine the cause of the accident.

Roommates assault Nugra man
An Egyptian man accused three of his compatriots of assaulting him in a room they share in Nugra, said security sources, noting that the man provided a medical report of his injuries and explained that he had argued with his roommates and that the argument developed into a fight.

Reckless drivers arrested
Following up the case of the reckless driver who ran over a traffic police officer and was assisted by some friends to flee the site in Naeem in Jahra, security sources said that the young man’s father turned him in at Saad Al-Abdullah police station. The suspect turned out to be a citizen in his twenties. Further investigations are in progress to identify and arrest the friends who helped him escape. Separately, reckless driver was arrested for endangering his and others’ lives in Jaber Al-Ali, said security sources. Case papers indicate that area’s residents called the police reporting that someone was dangerously driving his sports car in the rain and on the wrong side of the road. A police patrol was dispatched to the scene and managed to arrest the driver.

Gamblers caught
Nineteen Asian nationals were arrested while gambling in a Mahboula apartment, said security sources. Case papers indicate that detectives had been tipped off concerning the suspects’ activities and they were all arrested red-handed.

Two trade insult charges
A citizen accused a non-Kuwaiti woman of insulting him, said security sources, noting that the man filed a case at Fintas police station. However, on summoning the woman, she denied the charges and said that it was the complainer who assaulted her at her house and that all what she did was blame him for doing so. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Fugitive in police’s net
Following several attempts to escape arrest and fierce resistance, Jahra detectives arrested a citizen who is wanted over a four-year prison verdict.

Search for stalker
A female citizen reported that an Iraqi man has been following her wherever she goes. The woman added that she had been baffled by how easily he could locate and follow her until she found that he had somehow managed to plant a tracking device under her vehicle’s driver’s seat that had a SIM card and was connected to a smartphone. The woman provided the police with the suspect’s information and an arrest warrant was issued. – Al-Rai

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