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22,250 violence cases in schools

KUWAIT: Violence in schools has spread for various reasons, as recent educational statistics found that there were 22,250 cases of verbal and physical abuse of teachers and students in various school stages.

The statistics revealed that schools witnessed 2,616 verbal and physical attacks on teachers of both genders by students, 1,367 in girls’ schools and 1,249 in boys’, 2,318 of which were verbal and 304 physical attacks.

The statistics showed 19,585 verbal and physical attacks occurred between students in all school stages, 11,257 of which were verbal and 8,332 physical attacks.

Boys’ schools witnessed 10,785 cases while girls’ schools 8,804 cases. The statistics showed that the number of attacks on teachers in the secondary stage was 1,082, 938 in the intermediate and 603 in the elementary stage. Secondary stage schools saw 2,617 cases of students attacking their classmates, be it verbal or physical, but the intermediate stage saw 5,962 cases in all classes, while the elementary stage saw 11,064 cases. —Al-Qabas

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