2,000 employees missing at MPW

GhanimAn informed source said the Ministry of Public Works discovered that there is a large number of more than 2,000 employees that did not comply with working hours for several months, following inspection of attendance records through the fingerprint system, reported Al-Anbaa. Scandals of government departments continue to grow in regards to attendance, as the MPW joins MEW and MoE, who were ahead in the employees’ continued absence catastrophe, while their officials cover up for them and do not take any action against them, and this is something I wrote about during this month about those two ministries and the administrative chaos in them.

Who can believe that 2,000 employees at the MPW do not report to work for days, weeks, months and years, and the ministry is the last to know! Where did those 2,000 go? Where are the locations of their jobs? What are their jobs? Who are their superiors? In which sectors they work in? Are officials and heads of departments among them? Do they supervise state contracts and projects? Do they work at the ministry diwan or in the field? Do they get allowances in addition to their salaries, so that their embezzlement of state funds is doubled? What is going on in state ministries? Is it realistic that all these problems are taking place in ministries while officials, leaders, undersecretaries, managers and heads of departments are not taking any action? Has the government salary become a gift taken by who do not deserve it in exchange of nothing? Do we know the reason behind the deterioration of government services and failure of various projects and contracts, as thousands of employees are absent and do not carry out their duties and “leave things be as they are”!

I ask the Civil Service Commission to put an end to this chaos and declare the correct legal action with that group that does not care about the sacredness of their salaries, and does not give the country its right. It should also hold those who cover up for them or participated with them among their officials in this flagrant corruption, and this is the first cleansing steps of the government’s work reputation, and restore the people’s confidence in it. So who will stand up for this?

– Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Waleed Al-Ghanim

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