2 Kuwaitis and a Bahrainis heads shaved bald for dressing as women

KUWAIT: Farwaniya Security Director Brig Saleh Matar Al-Enezi ordered that two Kuwaitis and a Bahraini to have their heads shaved bald after they were caught dressed as women in a Rai mall. A police patrol noticed three persons who appeared to be women walking provocatively, with young men harassing them, so they were stopped and were discovered to be male cross-dressers. The three were taken to Shuwaikh police station and their heads were shaved, then were sent to concerned authorities.

Waiter assaulted
A citizen beat an Egyptian waiter in a café when he spilled coffee on his dishdasha. The citizen ordered coffee, and when the waiter brought it, his hand was shaking, spilling coffee on his clothes. The waiter apologized, but the citizen beat him and left. The waiter went to Nugra police station and complained against the citizen, who is being summoned for questioning.

Old disputes
A citizen and her sister beat another citizen inside her Rumaithiya home over prior differences. The woman was taken to Mubarak Hospital, then produced a medical report and filed a complaint at the police station. Police are investigating, and summoned the two for questioning.

Thieves caught
Three citizens broke into a car and stole its contents in their first theft, but were arrested by police. An Ahmadi patrol in Mahboula became suspicious of three persons, and when they approached them, they fled, so they were chased and arrested. The three confessed to breaking into a car and stealing its contents, adding that this was their first theft ever. The three were sent to concerned authorities for questioning. – Al-Rai

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