KUWAIT: Criminal Detectives have arrested two Kuwaiti suspects following a gunshot incident in Jahra area. A task force was formed after officers received several complaints from citizens and expats about car thefts in the area. On Tuesday morning, detectives noticed a black 4WD vehicle in an open yard without a license plate number.

Detectives found out (through the chassis number) that the vehicle was reported stolen in Abu Halaifa police station, so they kept it under surveillance. Suddenly, detective spotted another car (which was also reported missing) near the abandoned vehicle. There were two people inside the car. The car was reported stolen in Rabiya. One of the men entered into the abandoned car and drove off, so detectives ambushed them. The suspect hit a lamp post when detectives fired in the air. The two suspects were later apprehended.

They were found to be Kuwaitis named (KS) and (SM). When the two vehicles were searched, detectives found 10 boxes of shotgun cartridges, 14 rounds of 9mm, 17 illicit pills, 10 envelopes of shabu, IDs and ATM cards that were reported stolen. The suspects confessed to committing 13 crimes.