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Kuwait handicapped athletics to hold training camp in Al-Ain city

handicapKUWAIT: Kuwait National Handicapped Athletics team left for Al-Ain city, UAE, to hold a training camp, for participation in Sharqa International Gathering and the Eighth Fazzaa Athletics Championship, as the two tournaments will be held in Sharqa and Dubai from 12/3 until 21/3.

Head of the Kuwait delegation, chairman of the board of Kuwait Handicapped Sports Club Shafi Al-Hajiri said the Kuwait delegation has also Treasurer Saad Al-Azma along with technical, administrative and medical teams. Al-Hajiri said the team will participate with 16 athletes in the hammer, discuss and spear throwing, in addition to running on wheelchairs for various distances.

He said Al-Ain camp will last two weeks during which athletes will go through intense training mornings and evenings to ensure they will be fully ready.

He said the choice of Al-Ain city to hold training camp was because of the availability of outstanding facilities.
He said the players who will represent Kuwait are Abdallah Al-Hirz, Mohammad Nasser, Abdelaziz Al-Masoud, Dhari Al-Nassar, Abdallah Al-Saif, Nasser Al-Aradha, Mohammad Al-Mutairi. The throwing event will see the participation of female players Noura Al-Mutairi and Basma Najim.

By Abdellatif Sharaa

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