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1,498 permits issued via single counter

KUWAIT: The ministry of commerce said yesterday 1,498 licenses for companies were issued via the single business counter in December. The permits included 1,393 for individual companies, 13 for very small businesses (VSBs) and 35 for mobile vendors.

The single counter has received 5,014 applications for establishing companies, 2,014 of which were approved. Up to 850 companies were founded and 1,102 are in the process. Moreover, 1,757 permit applications were received for individual companies, 1,393 of which were issued and 607 are in the process.

The single counter also received 105 applications to launch VSBs, of which 28 were approved. Formation of 12 companies has been accomplished and 16 are underway. Applications for 26 licenses were received for very small companies, 19 of which were granted. Furthermore, there had been 177 applications for permits for mobile vehicles, of which 86 were licensed and 91 are still being processed. – KUNA

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