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Over 1,400 citizens hired in past 5 years in KNPC

KUWAIT: Kuwait National Petroleum Company’s (KNPC) CEO Mohammad Ghazi Al-Muttairi said that the company had hired over 1,400 citizens over the past five years and stressed that this policy would continue and that the company would never give up on any citizen in the future. In a tweet he recently posted, Mutairi stressed that 89 percent of KNPC’s general staff and 92 percent of those in the operations sectors were Kuwaitis, which is the highest in the company’s history. Further, Muttairi stressed that KNPC was fully committed to the 25 percent ratio of Kuwaiti laborers in various contracts. He also pointed out that solving the problems of Kuwaitis working at Shuaiba Refinery was a top priority.

Job opportunities
Recent Civil Service Commission (CSC) statistics showed that 19,616 jobs were available for citizens holding various degrees including 9,674 for males, 7,145 for females and 2,797 undefined. The statistics show that job opportunities of university graduates were 8,171 including 4,341 for males, 2,839 for females and 991 undefined, in addition to 5,486 opportunities for holders of diploma (two year university) degrees including 2,461 for males, 2,488 for females and 537 undefined.

By A Saleh

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