Pope Francis condemned in his speech on Christmas Day the "brutal terrorist activities" and "destroying entire peoples' legacies and cultural heritage" as well as the massacres committed in various countries worldwide. He also called for bridging dangerous gaps and abandoning violence and expressed his full support to the efforts exerted by the UN and hoped they would be fruitful and lead to peaceful solutions in Palestine and Syria.

Maintaining the current situations will eventually lead to same consequences, especially since many means of media have been using the same messages about some Muslim youth, that had been alienated for many decades and deprived justice in many parts of the Arab and Muslim world, and thus became easy targets for terrorists offering them job opportunities.

The pope said there is war and hatred everywhere nowadays. "What is left?" he exclaimed, noting that destruction was everywhere and that children were left without education, that so many innocent lives had been lost with the result of putting more money in weapon merchants' pockets. Well, these are painful unavoidable facts. All financial and commercial bodies must be partners in creating peace and fighting poverty, lack of education, hunger and conflicts.

In case of contradiction of interest, the tasks performed by such bodies, companies as well as international organizations must be all combined and work together to achieve international peace and security if we wish to make the presence of the UN worthwhile. History has recorded many weapons and arms companies that have contributed to starting wars everywhere and this calls for more disciplinary measures, otherwise those companies and manufacturers will continue shaping international borders and wasting international peace efforts.

Partnership is an important base of public-private sector relations (PPP). It also has a great role in building international relations. Mega companies do not only contribute in forming ruling institutions, but they can also pave the way towards achieving international security and peace.

By Labeed Abdal